Portable 3-Axis Milling Machine model TFM3500

The new generation of portable milling technology with integrated encoder system and feed control.

A 3-axis milling machine built with rigidity and accuracy in mind. With our revoultionary design this machine is suitable for any on-site application, heat exchangers, steel mill bases, ship building, turbine casings and many more applications.



Travel X-Axis: 3100mm

Dimensions: 3480mm x 350mm x 100mm

Travel Y-Axis: 1010mm

Dimensions: 1320mm x 270mm x 337mm

Travel Vertical Z-Axis: 230mm

Dimensions: 400mm x 200mm x 77mm

Spindle Type: ISO 50

(Our milling spindle allows for drilling)

Motion Control: Electric CNC controlled

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