3-Axis Milling Machines


Small, compact and rigid designed milling machine for those hard to reach or limited clearance applications. Available in steel or Aluminium main machine bed.

X-Axis Travel: 800mm, 1450mm, 2650mm

Y-Axis Travel: 300mm

Z-Axis Travel: 94mm

Spindle Size: SK 30 or SK 40

Drive Options: Servo-Electric, Pneumatic or Hydraulic


Heavy-duty milling machine with precision slides for the most accurate machining. Designed for those difficult field machining applications

X-Axis Travel: 1100mm, 1660mm, 2460mm, 3100mm

Y-Axis Travel: 600mm, 1100mm, 2500mm

Z-Axis Travel: 200mm

Spindle Size: SK40 or SK50

Drive Options: Servo-Electric, Pneumatic or Hydraulic

CNC Thread Cutting Machine


3-Axis Milling Machine with CNC controlled technology. Machine capable of removing broken studs or bolts, while ensuring precision refurbishment of damaged threads.

X-Axis Travel: 200mm

Y-Axis Travel: 200mm

Z-Axis Travel: 400mm

Spindle Size: HSK 63

Drive Options: Servo-Electric

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